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What are the Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain?


Residents of Kings Park can take steps to alleviate sciatic nerve pain at our newly-built, state-of-the-art medical and testing facility.

Research indicates that up to 43 percent of people will experience sciatic nerve pain during their lifetime. Sciatic nerve pain stems from an injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve, commonly referred to as sciatica. The pain originates from the sacral nerve roots and-or lumbar.

Sciatic nerve pain symptoms can be persistent or sporadic, and range from moderate to intense and incapacitating:

  • Pain in the back of the leg or the buttock area
  • Mild to sharp pains shooting down the leg
  • Pain at the back, front and-or sides of the thigh & leg
  • Altered sensation – numbness or tingling (pins & needles feeling)
  • Leg and foot weakness

Dr. McMonigle has helped many Kings Park patients with appropriate treatment of sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain.

Call our office today or schedule an initial consultation online to see Dr. McMonigle for a proper diagnosis, elimination of a significant medical issue, and recommended treatment.

What Causes Sciatica in Kings Park Patients?


Individuals suffering from sciatica often experience some lower back pain and pain radiating through one buttock and down the back of that leg.

The most frequent cause of pain is pressure or compression on the sciatic nerve. The extent and quality of sciatica pain may vary among patients in Kings Park. Some patients describe pain in the hip area, while others experience discomfort down to the foot. The quality of the pain can vary from tingling, burning, and prickly to aching or stabbing.

The onset of sciatica can be sudden, but it can also develop gradually. It may be intermittent or continuous, with various activities exacerbating the pain.

Before treating the pain, we seek as much information as possible because there may be several different medical conditions causing sciatica, such as:

  • Lumbosacral radiculopathy & back strain are the most frequent
  • Vertebral compression fractures
  • Tumors in the lumbar spinal canal compressing the sciatic nerve
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylosis

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Why Choose Us for Lower Back Pain Treatment in Kings Park?


Dr. McMonigle is a board-certified Neurologist providing compassionate care to patients to alleviate debilitating symptoms such as headaches, nerve pain, lower back pain, tremors, and weakness.

We conduct a complete medical history and physical examination to help identify any consequential conditions that may be causing lower back pain. Dr. McMonigle may also conduct a neurological examination and imaging tests appropriate to your medical condition.

These are reasons why patients in Kings Park choose our medical facility for lower back treatment:

  • Commitment to patients-consultation through the treatment plan
  • Our welcoming state-of-the-art medical & testing facility
  • The best neurologist in New York
  • A stellar reputation within the medical community & with patients
  • Compassionate care

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