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Warning Signs of an Oncoming Seizure


Dr. McMonigle is a board-certified Neurologist serving Kings Park patients with compassionate care and help in successfully managing a range of neurological conditions. She serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Neurology and is an active member of the American Academy of Neurology.

If you or a loved one in Kings Park has suffered one or more seizures and medical care has not provided any answers, schedule an appointment to determine what may have been the cause of the seizure.

These are a few examples of early warning signs of an oncoming seizure:

  • A staring spell
  • Twitching
  • Fainting
  • Headaches
  • Loss of function of different parts of the body
  • Blackouts

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Get Help on Seizure Causes & Symptoms Near Kings Park


Dr. McMonigle is the foremost authority near Kings Park on determining seizure causes and types that range in symptoms and severity.

Neurons or nerve cells in the brain create, send, and receive electrical impulses allowing the brain’s nerve cells to communicate. When a burst of uncontrolled electrical activity between brain cells disrupts communication pathways, the result may be temporary abnormalities in muscle tone or movements, changes in the level of consciousness, behavior, states of awareness, memory, or sensations.

Not everyone who has a seizure has epilepsy. Victims of a seizure must get an accurate diagnosis to help identify seizure causes or triggers that may be organic events (a physical cause) or psychogenic events (mental or emotional processes), such as:

  • A high fever that is possibly associated with an infection
  • Head trauma causing an area of bleeding in the brain
  • A stroke
  • A brain tumor
  • Congenital nervous system infection
  • Blood vessels abnormalities in the brain
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Substance misuse and withdrawal
  • Panic attacks
  • Dissociative events that happen unconsciously
  • Epilepsy – the most common cause

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Seizure Treatment Options for Kings Park Residents


After a thorough review of your symptoms and medical history, we may order several tests to determine causation, the likelihood of another occurrence, and potential seizure treatment options.

These tests may include a neurological examination to test for mental function and motor abilities, a blood test to check for infection or genetic conditions, and a lumbar puncture to test for an infection in the cerebrospinal fluid.

We may also use the following tests to rule out physical causes of events, such as epilepsy:

  • Brain scans such as a CT or MRI
  • An EEG to record the electrical activity of the brain
  • A video-EEG
  • PET scan to show the brain functions between seizures
  • SPECT test to measure blood flow in the brain

The doctor will work with you to determine if lifestyle changes or medications may be appropriate or in combinations as a seizure treatment option that may work best for you.

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